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Last update: 3 Apr, 2006

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3-1-22 Nishiazabu, Minato-ku,
Tokyo, 106-0031 Japan
(nearest station: Subway "Roppongi" station, exit "1A")

 Phone: 03-3408-3188
 Fax:     03-5785-3445

Sai Ram. Welcome to Sai Building Home page.
OPEN: Sunday 10:30AM
Please feel free to come and join the Bhajan session!
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Information for foreign devotees

Aum Sri Sai Ram

We offer our prayer at the Lotus Feet of our beloved Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba. Sai brothers and sisters, we would like to introduce briefly our activities at Sai Building.

It has passed six months since the opening of Sai Building at Roppongi, Tokyo, on 23 November 2000. Our principles of activities and the name of this building were approved and blessed by Bhagawan Baba through several interviews that we had received.

Thanks to copperation of many devotees, we took place Christmas bhajan, New Year's Eve bhajan, New Year bhajan, Mahasivaraathri in February and Buddha Jayanthi in April safe and sound. As we hope to invite more people to attend these events, we would like to introduce our activities.

At present, we hold Sat-Sang gathering every Sunday as well as bigger celebrations which take place several times a year.
Regarding Seva, which is an important pillar of Sai teaching, we hope to expand our present activities which include Seva at Airinkai (an elderly people's house), sakuraen (an eldery peole's house at Meguro) and a disabled children's institution at Itabashi as well as Narayana Seva.

We thank the opportunity to receive happiness of progressing the spiritual path through the proper propel of 4 wheels of Seva, bhajan, meditation and study circle.

However, at the same time we never forget that we need the unity in order to attain the great goal of unifying with the God. It requires, we, Sai devotees' firm will to unite by passing over the differences of nationalities, belief, age, sex and groups which one belongs to. We welcome all devotees from India, Europe, Asia and all over the world. We plan to set aside one day of the week (except Sunday) for the use of foreign devotees when foreign participants reach sufficient number.

Tokyo is a cosmopolitan city. There are already many foreigners living in the city and of which there are many Sai devotees. There are differences in religious practice, history, life-style and custom, language and interpretation on bhajan. We sincerely hope that we could recognize the core or the true nature of all these are the same while respecting the differences. Respecting the each country's good things when we sing bhajan and helping each other and cooperating as a whole when we celebrate a festival or do Seva is, we believe, one of ways to reach the Unity.

We received the guests of the Ambassador of India, the deputy Ambassador, the minister and the consular officials at the opening ceremony of Sai Building. We also welcomed Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) president the Reverend Ashok Singhal's party and Dr. Modi of Modi foundation. We had great pleasure of receiving comments which express the delights and hopes of Indian culture spreading in Japan.

We look forward to welcoming you at bhajan session on Sunday. Please see a separate sheet of paper for the schedule.

Aum Sri Sai Ram.

Sai Building

3-1-22 Nishiazabu, Minato-ku, Tokyo, 106-0031 Japan
(nearest station: Subway "Roppongi" station, exit "1A")

Ph. 03-3408-3188
Fax 03-5785-3445